Monday, July 11, 2011

baby favorites newborn-3 months

I´ve never been good at researching products or services before I purchase them, I was the definition of an, "impulsive shopper".

Though, when I found out that I was pregnant...I knew it was time to change that impulsive and thoughtless buyer side of me...hey, I'm not just buying for myself now.

So, prior to having my LO, I asked many of my mommy friends what their babies loved and used the most in their first year. I "researched" this way as opposed to spending countless hours in front of the internet because I knew these mommy´s would give me their honest and unsolicited feedback.

I really did receive some great feedback because many of those things became some of my LO's favorite things.

I know not all babies are created equal but here are some of her favorite baby “things” (Newborn-3 months). Remember, my LO is almost 5 months so I will try to have an updated 3-6 months list for you in the future.

What my Baby loved from Newborn to 3 months:

1. Cradle Swing (Fisher-Price Nature´s Touch Papasan Cradle Swing)

For a new mom, I can honestly say this was a life-saver. She loved this little cradle so much that it almost hurt to have to put it away.

Nature's Touch Papasan Cradle Swing

2. Projection audio/visual for ceiling (Homedics Soundspa Lullaby)
She still uses this and loves watching her little ¨fishies¨ dance in the sky while she falls asleep.

MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa - Lullaby Relaxation Machine

3. Car seat mirror (Sassy Developmental Carrier Mirror)
Nothing a girl likes more than to check herself in the mirror while in the car eh?

4. Pacifier clip (MAM)
It was cute, it was pink, it was accessible.

5. Baby keys (Sassy)
These were the only keys other than mine that she wanted to chew on...or lose.
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