Thursday, July 7, 2011


I love linen! It’s easy, breezy and now that Summer is here I get to wear it as much as I want.

I don’t know about you but right after I had my LO I was not back to my pre-prego size so I had to be creative with my shopping postpartum. I didn’t want to invest in clothing that would not fit me in a few months but my maternity clothes were too big. So, that’s when I fell in love with the “drawstring”.
Drawstring linen pants are amazing for almost any season in California. For those of you not living here you can wear them anytime of the year where there is moderate to hot weather. They are forgiving to wider hips and they can be worn after you lose some of  the postpartum weight. I invested in a size 10 BCBG wide leg linen pants right after I had my LO and now that I’m down to a size 6 they still look great. I sometimes dress them up with heels and nice jewelry or dress them down with flat sandals and a pony-tail. What top you wear is up to you. I prefer a white ribbed tank with almost any of my linen pants except my white ones. With white, I prefer a nice bright color tank or bright color fitted V-neck T.


Invest in a nice pair but don’t spend too much as they will probably won’t fit you next year. My budget was $50. I got my pair at the BCBG outlet on Melrose for about $50.00.

Get a color that works well with many tops you currently own and that fit you well.

Big gold hoops and bangles are great with linen!

Discretely use transparent tape to tape the back of the bottom of the leg so it doesn’t get too dirty.

Make sure the drawstring sits nicely below your bellybutton and you do not get  a "ninja-boot".

Here are some examples of the drawstring linen pants styles that I love!

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