Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mommy´s Favorite Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

First of all, here is my Fall 2012 official color palette. I love these colors and like most women I´ve talked to, Fall is the favorite fashion season. Beautiful colors, boots and personal favorite aspects of this season.

My top 5 Fall 2012 fashion trends are:

1. The vintage over sized denim vests. Here I am with my newest obsession, LF Stores vintage bleached denim vest. Turn ANY outfit into a instant hit with this vest over and unbuttoned. My favorite is to wear it over a ¨not-so-mommyish¨ dress!
And, here is a recent photo of my beautiful friend (Miss Miami), Christina Sthair with her denim vest (also from the LF Store, Robertson Blvd). She was the one who inspired me, so she gets all the credit for this new favorite of mine. 

2. Wedge Sneakers. I love them and so happy they are still popping up in 2012 Fall collections. I bought a pair of Ash wedge sneakers last year (Bowie in Clay) as seen below and I love them! They are comfortable and a great alternative to my boring and bland sneakers. They are not the greatest for hiking but they are easy to just throw on and brighten up almost any casual occasion.
And, here are some of my new Fall 2012 wedge sneaker favorites from some great designers.

Jeffrey Campbell ¨Venice-Hi¨ Hidden Wedge Sneaker. $165.

Ash ¨Bea¨ Wedge Sneaker in Burgundy. $343.

3. Leather Harnes Vests. I was walking in front of Herve Leger when this caught my eye. Now, alone it looks pretty sketchy but when you see it over a slim fitting dress it is absolutely stunning. 

4. Ear cuffs. Easy and fun. Check out some of my favorites and a pair I found for myself in the San Fernando Valley at Fashion Q for only $5.

                    Hamsa Ear Cuff with Gold Plated Chain., $20.

Found on The Touch by Steve Edward at
P.S. I am crazy about the one that hooks into the hairpiece.

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