Thursday, September 13, 2012

SHEro's Amongst Us

I watched a segment on my NBC Nightly News podcast a few months back and I've since decided a 89 year old woman named Betty Tisdale is my... SHERO. 

Betty Tisdale is the founder of HALO (Helping And Loving Orphans). For over 50 years, Betty Tisdale has supported orphans in need as her life’s passion. Her first trip to Southeast Asia in 1961 and work with the An Lac Orphanage in Saigon quickly expanded with the support of clinics in Laos and Thailand, and for Tibetans refugees in India. Even as the war in Vietnam escalated, she continued her annual trips to assist in the care of 400 children and babies at the An Lac Orphanage in Saigon. In April 1975, when the communists were 12 miles from Saigon, Betty determined that she must evacuate as many children as she could from the war zone for their safety and well-being. The story of her dramatic rescue of 219 children is told in the CBS television movie, The Children of An Lac (starring Shirley Jones as Betty Tisdale).

Continuing her love and support for children, Betty arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, June 2nd, 2012 to open a nursery for infants at the House of Flowers Orphanage, run by PARSA. PARSA is a private, non-governmental organization (NGO) working directly with the disadvantaged people of Afghanistan.

You can follow Betty’s trip to PARSA and the House of Flowers on Facebook at:

Please watch: Betty Tisdale on NBC Nightly News

The House of Flowers orphanage was founded in September 2002 when MEPO (Medical, Educational and Peace Organization) first came to Kabul, Afghanistan. Their goal was to create a safe place for Afghani orphan children to live. The House of Flowers was designed to also be a center of learning and inner growth following the philosophy and structure of a Montessori school and environment.

They wanted to provide an environment that would allow children to recover from the traumas they had experienced in their life, and make them stronger for the challenges that lie ahead. 

Check out their Facebook page and send a friend request! Click Here 

To donate to Betty Tisdale´s projects please visit her website, Click Here.

To send to The House of Flowers directly, please send donations to: 

HEWAD House of Flowers Orphanage 
House # 118 1st Street (left side) Projai Taimani District 4 Kabul City Kabul Afghanistan

Contact Cell #:  +93 (0) 700 670 710 / + 93 (0) 77 4141 225  / + 93 (0) 700 230 759
P.O. Box No:  5138 Central Post Office Kabul.

*House of Flowers administration accepts cash donations, food, clothes and gifts.

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