Sunday, October 13, 2013

your baby can read, seriously

A few months ago, during a weekend trip, Zoe and I were walking through the hotel lobby looking for a restroom. Zoe pointed to a sign and said, ¨Mama, elevator¨.  I didn´t think much of it at that moment but after a few minutes I realized the sign was leading to the elevators and the sign was not over an elevator. Did my 2 year old just read her first word? How long has she been able to read! 
It´s not actually reading, she is recognizing the words grouped together as a picture. She recognized the word elevator because every time we saw an elevator, I would say ¨Look Zoe, elevator!¨ every toddler she loves elevators. So, now, without having to see an actual elevator, she can see assume the word that is always near or over the elevators is, elevator.
So excited about this discovery, we got home I made up a game for her to learn how to recognize more words, without flashcards. I used my handy Melissa & Doug Alphabet Magnets and put up a couple of words for her to learn. Yes, House and Music had to go was not an accident.

Teach your baby to read
Melissa & Doug Wooden Alphabet Magnets
In less than a hour she was able to recognize the words. I made it fun by moving the words around and high fiving her when she read the word correctly. I added a word to the list every few days and now she has a pretty great reading list. The game now is taking away a letter from a word, as well as moving the words around. The game is, she closes her eyes and I take a letter away from one of the words, she has to guess what letter is missing from the word. She does the same to me, ¨Okay Mama, what letter is not here?¨...And when I guess correctly she high fives me.

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