Saturday, May 10, 2014

mother daughter bracelets

diy mother-daughter bracelets 

I searched online to find simple ideas on diy mother-daughter bracelets but came up finding some real corny stuff. I found tons of ¨bling¨ or charms dangling off of something looking like a tiny chandelier. 

So, since I had an idea of what I wanted and couldn't really find it online, I decided just to wing it. It ended up being an unbelievably easy and cute diy project...I thought I would share. 

Supplies needed

Hemp cording - I used bead landing hemp cording from Michael´s

Bead letters - I used bead landing gold crafting beads letters from Michael´s

Clasps - you can also just let it be a bracelet you tie on, I used a clasp kit also from Michael´s


1. Cut 3 10 inch pieces for the adult sized bracelets and 6 inches for a child´s bracelet. 

2. Braid the 3 pieces ( you can use your toe as a harness) at about 2 inches in, tie a knot as you see above. For a child´s bracelet, tie a knot about 1 inch in (all depending on the size of the child´s wrist of course). 

3. Insert your letters.

4. Tie another knot and continue to braid.

5. Check your wrist as to where you should cut your braid. Cut the braid at to where you will be applying the clasps. 

6. Apply your clasps. Instructions will be on the packaging or you can see it online. You can skip this part and have it tied onto the wrist to make it an easier task. For this, make sure you leave plenty of cord to where it will be easy to tie. 

It really turned out cute and the 3 bracelets came out costing less than $15 to make. 

I´m hoping your mom will love your thrifty and thoughtful gift as I know my mom will. 

Happy Mother´s Day!

diy mother-daughter bracelets 

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