Tuesday, August 18, 2015

inspired by emi - future fashion designer party for a very special little warrior

Future Fashion Designer Dessert Table by Suzi Bach

Months ago a dear friend of mine informed me his niece, Emi, was diagnosed with childhood brain cancer. It was devastating to him and his entire family. I didn't know what to do to alleviate any of the pain he felt...I know there was nothing I could do. I just sat there and thought those horrible thoughts we all have when someone tells us something like that...It could have been my child? I knew that I had to do something for his family. 

Knowing this little girls love for fashion and design, I coordinated a special ¨Future Fashion Designer Party¨ for her on a Sunday home from radiation treatment. Now, I know throwing a party seems odd at a time like this but I firmly believe that celebrating life, even when life isn't perfect, can do so much. Raise awareness, unite people, inspire hope and courage.

I am hoping that hashtags, photos and film coverage of the event will help spread awareness of Emi and children like her battle against cancer. 

All media coverage of the event will also be linked to her YouCaring and/or gofundme account to hopefully help alleviate some of the financial burden weighing on the family during this difficult time. Her mother, Olivia, drives almost 2 hours each way to get Emi to and from radiation, 5 days a week. Thats a fuel cost of almost $30 a day.

Please help this amazing girl through her battle by donating to either: 

Prayers for Emily Janelle gofundme

Prayers for Emily Janelle youcaring

The Party 

The event included a Future Fashion Designer dessert table, catering, T shirt design station, photo op area, jewelry making station, face painting and wishing table. 

The Cake was made by Sarah Moyle from All That Frost

The Cupcakes made by Kelsey Flowers from Georgetown Cupcake

Peruvian cookies by Emi´s Auntie :)
Peruvian Cookies

DIY Future Fashion Designer Party Decor

The beautiful fashion backdrop was made by my dear friend Alicia Wilson Gracie. Guests loved taking photos in front of it! 

T-Shirt Design Station

Now this was surprisingly inexpensive and easy to put together. The kids had a blast designing shirts that are ¨Inspired by Emi¨. They spent so much time and effort to make sure it was extra special. I am definitely doing it again for other parties. 

Supplies needed:

-Cotton T shirts
-Fabric Markers
-Fabric Paint
-Stick on jewels (these come off)
-Paint brushes
-Towels and jars of water

Wishing Trees

A nice way to send a special message to the guest of honor. 

Face Painting Station

Party Photos

Remember, there is strength in numbers. 

Share her hashtag and her story. #prayersforemilyjanelle

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