Monday, November 9, 2015

simple thanksgiving craft - paper bag thanksgiving book

We try to reuse our paper bags as often as possible but they eventually tear. After a good tear they really are not reusable...for shopping. They are however, ready to out their crafting destiny.

Ladies (and hopefully some gentlemen)...I give you our Give Thanks-Thanksgiving message book.

1. Cut your bag into five or six 4x6 pieces (per book). You can probably make 1-2 books per bag.

 2. Fold it down the middle, having the most blank pieces facing out if possible.

 3. Use a smaller hole punch if you have one but a regular hole punch will do fine, to make 2 holes down the mid section on either end.

4. Bind the book together with twine and tie a bow on the top.

5. Paste scrap paper to each page. I used jagged scissors.

6. Decide who their book is for and then come up with 10 things he/she would like to give thanks for.
My LO´s #3 is giving thanks to grandma for ¨playing play-doh¨with her.

7. Give the book on Thanksgiving Day!

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