Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tips and Ideas on Gifts for Toddlers

So, on Friday night my husband decides to tell me that his friends toddler was turning 2 the next day and that we have a birthday party to attend. Men are amazing aren't they?

I'm usually not a toys and clothes type of gift giver as I know clothes are not very fun for little boys and they usually are pretty particular about their toys. Most often, I try to stay focused on educational and fun activities. Here are some tips on gifts for toddlers.

1. Think about the toddler. What's their "thing" at the moment? Dinosaurs? Trucks? Butterflies? Books? They are really developing their preferences at this fun age, so don't be scared to ask the parents. Find something educational and fun in that category. Something the parents can also enjoy or participate in is always a plus.

2. Is it age appropriate? Stay in the year of their age or a maximum of 1 plus year. Just make sure you don't buy for a younger age group then they are in.

3. Ask around. I asked a friend who has a 3 year old what her son really enjoyed at 2. She gave me some great input.

4. Books are always a great gift. Period.

And, here's something fun and crafty to make the gift extra special...instead of the usually gift bag, find a basket or crate and add a little chalk board to write their name on it. You can find them together as I did at Home Goods or you can make your own. Makes a great little storage cubby or accent for their room.

Here's the gift I put together for the adorable 2 year old Judah within a short amount of time.

1. Basket with chalk board $5.99

2. 100 Cool Activities for Boys Book $8.99

3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Dinosaur Magnets $5.99

4. Board Book Tower: How Do I Feel? $9.99

Yesterday was another little guys 2nd birthday, so I thought I would include what I put together for him. His mom said he was really into books and trucks at the moment, so I went off on that. Sorry I didn´t get a shot of the final outcome but here's what his gift included.

Melissa & Doug Construction in a Box Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles $7.99 Home Goods
Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle $4.99 Home Goods
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Vehicles Coloring pad $6.99 Home Goods
Crayola colored pencils $1.24 Target
Organic burlap wire storage $4.99 Home Goods

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