Thursday, August 22, 2013

reduce, recycle, reuse - DIY gift wrap idea

Recycle used lunch bags into gift wrap that doesn´t need tape or adhesive of any sort. I wrapped a small baby bath robe for a friends new baby girl and it was a perfect fit.

1. First, cut 2 lunch bags in half so you have 2 small square bags.

2. Place your gift inside one of the two bags then place the other bag over the first bag. You will have a small box shape after doing this.

3. Now tie a cute bow around your ¨Box¨.

Here´s the steps all in one photo for you to use as a guide. This is super easy, cute and inexpensive.

4. If you have the time, cut out a little note card from any colored paper into a Pacman shape and insert.

Use paper shopping bags from your grocer to wrap larger gifts. Here, I wrapped a dress in  Whole Foods shopping bags.

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