Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Minimal Fashion Slave?

So in my quest of, "having less, living more," I'm finding it hard to let go of my love of fashion. "A slave to the season" my husband calls me from time to time. I can't help it, when a designer comes out with his new fall line of overcoats ...I think "Dam, consumerism can't be all that bad if my favorite tan booties would look just fabulous with that Heather grey coat? I'll donate 5 pieces of outerwear and make an even Minimal exchange." Then I think about all the nice things I can do with my family for that $450 coat cost and leave the idea behind me. But...(there's always a but when you try to rationalize something you want), it's also said by the minimal God that there are no rules to minimalism really...except if its not something you love or if it doesn't serve a function, you shouldn't have it in your possession. I love fashion. I love clothes and being creative with clothes. I love it when the season changes because yes...I AM A FASHION SLAVE. Don't unlock these chains Minimal God, please.
So, here's to you my love...
My top 5 favorite 2013 Fall fashion trends.
1. Winter White
On my trip to Spain a few years back I saw a lot if white layering in the Fall and thought it looked so pretty and polished. Happy it's back in here this Fall!

2. Emerald Green
The emerald green is great add to Winter White as a jacket or accessory but also great as a statement piece. A bold Emerald Green skirt is sure to stand out!

3. Monochomatic
I'm not too crazy about prints, so this was really exciting to hear! Here's some inspirational monochromatic photos for you...and me.
This first photo is from the site Mila by C

Let me comment on the featured handbag above. It's part of the Celine Fall 2013 collection. Yes, expensive. Yes, you can find something similar but not as beautiful...reality hurts sometimes.

4. Booties
I love booties, even with my unshapely (sometimes mistaken for old tree trunk) legs. They add fun to almost any outfit and they can be used to dress up or down any ensemble quite easily.
I'm going to show you my favorite booties thus far. I tried these Olive Green High Priestess booties on at the Chinese Landry outlet just a few days ago. I fell in love needless to say. And when I asked my husband (quite nicely I must say) how he felt about me making a $250 investment in the booties, he replied, "How will having these boots make you a more productive person?" I laughed...and cried just a little.

Here are some more booties that are a bit more in my budget.

I went shopping for my own pair of booties after my heart wrenching break up with the CL booties. Though, I didn't buy any of these from Macy's...they were all reasonably priced or on sale. Brands include, Roxy, BORN, and Jessica Simpson. Sorry for not jotting down exact prices or which pair was what brand.

Ultimately, I bought this pair of boots by Jellypop shoes, online. They were only $25! Saved myself $225...and my marriage.

5. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
I love them. You will too. Period.

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