Thursday, October 30, 2014

diy faux flower crown

My little garden fairy needed a faux flower crown to go with her costume. Pressed on time, I was about to buy one for $12.95 in a little local boutique. But, I thought it would mean much more to her if I made it myself...maybe even save a few dollars since I had most of the supplies to make the crown at home. I thought I would share the easy steps to make this simple crown since it turned out prettier than any crown I was going to buy at the boutique...if I do say so myself.

Supplies needed:
-florist wire (already owned)
-pliers (already owned)
-cloth leaves & flowers (79 cents a piece (sale price) at Michaels) total $3.16
-fishing line (already owned)
-satin green ribbon (already owned)
-satin ribbon that goes well with your flowers for the back of the crown (already owned)

So here are the 4 easy steps to making this simple crown.

1. Take a wire and wrap it around your child's head to establish a size. Cut the wire a few inches larger than your measurement with pliers, then make sure the extra ends are entangled together well.

2. Slowly wrap the cloth leaves around the front of the crown with the green ribbon. Continue to wrap the entire wire and focus on wrapping the ribbon well around the wires ends.

3. Once most of the front of the crown is covered with the leaves, start adding the cloth flowers with clear fishing line. Tie knots to keep the flowers in place. You can use a hot glue gun for extra security.

4. Cut off extra fishing line and add ribbon in the back by just tying about 6 unevenly long strands in the same location one at a time. I used 2 different shades of purple satin ribbon.

Hope your little fairy enjoys it just as much as mine did!

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