Friday, February 3, 2017

simple paleo - paleo egg salad

PREPARATION: 5 minutes



4 hard-boiled eggs (we use Vital Farms Pasture raised eggs from Whole Foods)

1/2 medium organic onion 

2 organic pickles 

paleo mayo (we use Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo

1/4 tsp of himalayan salt 

1/4 tsp of black pepper


1. Chop the eggs, onion and pickles. Add all into bowl and mix well.

2. Add the desired amount of mayo (I like it really mayo-y).

3. Season with salt & pepper.

4. Cover then store in refrigerator, and serve cold. 


Try it with mikey´s paleo toasted onion english muffin!
Note: The muffins taste best when toasted a few times and with a little grass-fed butter or olive oil spread.

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