Thursday, February 26, 2015

diy tribal themed dream catchers

diy tribal themed dream catchers

These are the simple dream catchers I made for my friends tribal themed baby shower. It was a simple idea I stole from my neighbor who made one for her grandchild's dream catcher birthday party.

Supplies needed:
-embroidery hoop or large wooden purse handles (I bought handles from a Thrift store for $1)
-various ribbons & lace (JoAnn´s has various lace and ribbons for $1 each)
-scrap fabric you can tear easily
-tassels (I used curtain tassels from JoAnn´s for about $3.50)
-needle and thread to secure the tassels

So here are the 4 easy steps to make the dream catchers.

1. Slowly wrap the wooden handle or hoop with a ribbon or torn fabric, tucking the start of the ribbon under to keep it secure. You can even tie a knot to make it extra secure and hide the knot when you add the ribbons at the bottom. Use a color you think will let color scheme stand out. Since the baby shower was in yellow, bright pink, gold with a touch of blue, I used white so it looks a little less busy.

2. Once you have covered the hoop with the ribbon or fabric, start to tie ribbon and torn fabric by letting the center bottom pieces be a little longer than the outer pieces. I used an eye catching pom pom ribbon in the center that was short but left the other ribbons quite long.

3. Once you feel like you´ve tied enough ribbon and fabric, sew the tassel piece onto the sides of the dream catcher. Wrap the tassel piece around and sew it securely to itself and including some of the wrapped ribbon or fabric that is around the hoop.

4. Cut off extra thread and string and make sure the dream catchers look similar if you are making two of them.

This is a simple and really fun project to do with you little ones. My daughter helped me by tying the ribbons and tearing the scrap fabrics. These are also great to go in tribal themed nurseries.

Happy crafting!

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