Wednesday, February 25, 2015

simple diy upcycled Valentine´s Day sign

Here´s an easy and fun Valentine´s Day DIY upcycle project to do with your little one.

Supplies needed:
-non toxic paint
-a few paint brushes
-lettering (stickers, stencil, marker etc)
-egg carton

So here are the 4 easy steps to making this simple crown.
1. Cut the egg carton in half (long ways).

2. Have your little one paint the inside and edges of the carton. My LO used a mix of colors on the inside and a gold for the trim.

3. Once the painting is dry, apply letter stickers, cut outs, stencils or write your message. 

4. Cut ribbon to hang the sign and tie in the middle.

5. Hang on the wall or on your door!

This sign is especially for her Papa. 

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