Sunday, May 31, 2015

diy shabby chic garland

shabby chic garland 

I made this simple shabby chic garland for a very special birthday tea party out of old tan-colored linen curtains, a stained pink dress and other scrap fabric.

Supplies needed:
-various ribbons and/or lace
-scrap fabric you can tear easily

So here are the 2 easy steps to make the garland.

1. Measure the length you would like (vertically) for your garland, tear the fabric into one inch or less apart for as long as you decided you would like it to be. For example you want to make the garland 15 inches long, you will need 30 inch long strips of fabric so you can loop it around to make two 15 inch strips. Make sure all torn fabric is about the same length or a little more than half the length if you would like to tie pieces instead of looping it around. For example, if I couldn´t make a 15 inch strip of fabric, I made it into at least 17 inches, so I have room to tie it and still get it to be about 15 inches may have to do this to fabric you don't have much of.  I was not able to get the pink fabric to be 30 inches, so I made it at least 17 inches long and tied the fabric at the top, it came to be about 15 inches long once tied.

shabby chic garland 

2. Measure the length of garland you want (horizontally) then add about 2 feet per side to that length,  so you have extra room to tie the sides. My garland is about 3 feet long, so 7 feet total including the extra twine left to hang it up.  Remember, you can use ribbon or rope as well. Once you have decided on the length, find the middle of your twine/rope/ribbon and start there by looping or knotting your fabric. I looped the torn tan curtains because I had enough of it for length but I tied some of the other fabric/ribbons/lace individually because I didn't have enough to make 30 inches. The pieces I used were 17 inches or more. Make sure you keep it nice and even on both sides from the middle.

Remember, the garland doesn't have to be even. This is just what I prefer but I´ve seen some gorgeous shabby chic garland that are more uneven and brilliantly chaotic.

This is a simple and really fun project to do with your little ones. My daughter helped me by tearing the fabric and tying the ribbons!

We used the garland for a Tea for Two Birthday Tea Party for her best friend!

shabby chic garland 

Happy crafting!

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